1. The Client comes first.

Our staff right from the front office, the teachers, the support staff and the school leadership value customer service. They are friendly, efficient and ready to help because our goal and priority is client satisfaction.

  1. A Conducive learning environment.

We offer a clean and safe environment conducive for learning. Our school is well organized with standard premises for both day and boarding school. The beauty of nature provides a comfortable setting for learners to grasp knowledge and develop relevant skills for their future.

  1. We focus on excellence.

In line with our school motto “For Academic Excellence” everyone at Fesbeth Academy is geared towards achieving the best in all their undertakings. We have a privilege to be among the best schools in KCPE for 3 consecutive years. Our best candidate in 2021 emerged 4th nationally.

  1. Parental involvement

The parent is an integral part of our system. We ensure that the parents are constantly involved in the gradual development of learners as they soar to greater heights. Feedback from parents is given full attention and appropriate steps taken to ensure satisfaction.

  1. Our learning pedagogy is child centered

We appreciate individual differences in children and as such our teachers prepare the learning experiences with each child in mind for optimum benefit of all. Lately this has made our shift to the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) so easy and efficient.

Are you looking for a school with the best implementation of CBC in the region? This is the place. Our approach of learner guidance and assessment is.

6. It’s a journey.

Religious diversity is critical for a thriving community. To have friends with a variety of beliefs and to share the ways of practicing those beliefs makes for an irreplaceable education. Your pupil should be grateful for, and enriched by, each of those friendships. But as they grow in their faith into adulthood, it’s especially important for them to have friends who share their journey. Your pupil should be able to contribute to the conversation, not hide from it. For we are a religious institution and a blessed ground.

7. Uniforms

We have a well sampled uniform both for orimary and secondary with Blue and white for Kindergarten. Red White and Green for Primary Maroon white and black for Secondary.  Uniforms are a time saver, and they make it clear that it’s time to focus on learning. We have 3 sets of uniforms for our different institutions (kindergarten, primary, secondary) A uniform binds us together In front of the community and it can easily identify your child as one of us in case of any altercation.

8. Best Transport System

We have 8 buses and competent drivers with well-maintained buses that ferry our pupils to and from school. Parents can register into this program having 2 options, (Full/Half). Full meaning the price stated is for ferrying the pupil both morning and afternoon and Half can be of a choice of either Morning or afternoon. We wish you to join our transport sector for your child will be well taken care off and gets home in time. Our slogan is Safe Efficient and Punctual.


9. Co curricular being the cherry

on our education cake, we have activities in place that enrich our pupils mind to be academic giants in their respective educational goals they set. Pupils participate on Athletics and Drama competition during firdt term, Ball games and Music competition during second term. We are committed to bringing up a child who is all round sport wise, theatrical wise and mind games kings.

10. Our blessed Ground.