A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. This involves doing what is right and people get attracted to success. Fesbeth is the success you need to be part of.

Our parents’ association with the teachers has been effective ever since the school started in the year 2002. The bond created with Fesbeth parents with the community around them has been something that is an unbreakable bond.

Our strong belief in God, a culture of striving to excel, professionalism, unrelenting and solid cooperation concocted with unmatched d commitment by all parties is our strength.

PTA in Fesbethwas mainly formed for a basic reason of taking into account the welfare and education of the learners. Parents and teachers study ways and means of bringing up well educated, cooperative and perfectly behaved young citizens. Both parents and teachers seek effective ways of developing each child’s potentials.
Fesbeth parents play some important roles. These include,

a) Raise money to help both the running and the activities of the school.
b) Explain the roles of the school to the community, this is how teachers and community members come to a more harmonious relationship.
c) They give their points of view to the teachers concerning academic improvement and moral standards.
d) Help head teachers and their staff maintain effective discipline among their students.


In conlcusion I encourage you parents to join us and be part of the Fesbeth family. We strive to excel.